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Chancellor suggests 'staircase tax' could be axed

The Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, has suggested that the controversial staircase tax could be axed, admitting it adds business uncertainty. He said, during a Treasury Committe hearing today, that he is "certainly looking at" legislative steps to end the staircase tax. "The Court has made a decision and the Revenue is obliged to comply with the rating law. It is open to Parliament to consider changing the law in a way that changes that outcome." 

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has welcomed the Chancellor's comments. Mike Cherry, national chairman, said "The staircase tax has heaped misery on thousands of small businesses that happen to occupy split workspaces. The Chancellor's words will come as welcome relief to the desperate firms who had absolutely no idea that bill hikes were coming down the line. The Chancellor's decision marks a victory for common sense - he's done the right thing. We look forward to his words becoming action at the Budget, if not before."


Synchronise beta testing...

Synchronise beta test is nearly over and user can look forward to the increased functionality of version 3 in the coming weeks.

Enhancements cover the ability to install the entire system from Synchronise and also the future provision for the Automatic mode to run as a Windows Service negating the necessity to have a user logged in on a server or workstation throughout the download process.

For those clients who so far haven’t tested Synchronise, it is a new application that allows the download of the large data updates for Analyse and that means you no longer require disk updates.

More news on this version soon.

New clients Dunlop Heywood

Inform is glad to announce that Dunlop Heywood have joined us as clients for Analyse 8 and Analyse Pro Scotland. As River Lake users they will also benefit from the effectiveness of the Realise application to monitor their portfolio. We wish them a long successful ‘Analyse’ career, as all our existing Analyse customers can testify to. Welcome to the team!